Atheris sa


Biotechnology at the heart of Europe

Founded by Dr Reto Stöcklin, Atheris SA is a dynamic swiss biotechnology company specialised in peptide and protein drug discovery, peptidomics, bioinfomatics, metabolic studies and analytical services.

Atheris uses state-of-the-art methods to offer highly specialised services as contract research organisation or as service provider.
Atheris aims to contribute to the discovery of new drug candidates, bioactive ingredients and diagnostic markers, for the improvement of health care in a broad range of areas such as the Central Nervous, Cardiovascular, and Immune systems.
We have fully equipped laboratories, including six state-of-the art mass spectrometers, equipment for liquid chromatography equipment (several HPLC’s, FPLC, etc.), liquid and solid phase peptide synthesis, automated Edman degradation sequencing, robots for sample handling, lyophilization, etc.; with all necessary space, office equipment, administrative and legal assistance.